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What is a holographic will, and can I draft one?

A holographic will is a type of will, which only a few jurisdictions accept in lieu of a formal will. However, if the holographic will is drawn up incorrectly or in a jurisdiction where such wills are not recognized, the court may refuse to accept it as a valid will. Contact an attorney before deciding to draft up a holographic will.

How do I create a formal will?
A formal will is drafted in accordance with state or international laws. You must comply with the correct state or international laws for your will to be validly recognized.

Are there benefits to joint & reciprocal wills?
There may be benefits to joint and reciprocal wills, but, in some cases, there are legal and financial drawbacks to these types of wills. Have an attorney assess whether joint & reciprocal wills are the right fit for you and your significant other.

What is a codicil and when should I use one?
A codicil is a legal document, which amends, rather than replaces, a previously executed will. It should be used only if you know how to legally draft one up properly. Before attempting to create a codicil, contact an attorney who can explain how the codicil will affect the disposition of your assets and estate and how to properly draft one up.

How do I revoke a will or codicil?
It's best to have an attorney help you revoke a will or codicil in order to ensure you understand how to properly do it and make your act legally recognizable.

Can I use a revoked will?
It's fact specific, which means that it depends on the individual facts of your case. Contact an attorney to discuss whether the revoked will at issue in your case can be recognized.