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What is the difference between visitation and custody?
Custody determines whether a parent is allowed to make legal, medical and social decisions for a child. Visitation is the time that a parent is allowed to spend with a child and is a separate matter. Even if a parent is not awarded custody, the parent may still be granted visitation.

When will a judge order supervised visitation?
When it is in the children's best interest. Speak with an attorney at our office about the facts in your case to assess the likelihood of supervised visitation.

Can my Ex and I form our own visitation plan?
Often ex-spouses can develop their own plan but a judge will decide whether the parenting plan in the children's best interest.

Is there anything I can do if my spouse refuses to visit?
It depends on the facts of the case. The court will change a visitation order based on the best interest of the child. Contact our office to asses the likelihood that the order will change.

What can I do if my child refuses to visit the other parent?
Learn why the child is refusing to visit and then speak with an attorney in our office about what the best course of action is.

Can I change the visitation plan after it is finalized?
A modification is allowed if a party can show a substantial change in circumstances. Contact our office to assess the facts of your case.