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What types of trusts can I create for myself or my spouse?
There are many types of trusts. We recommend speaking with an attorney to assess which would work best for you and your estate. Drafting up the right one can keep you and your estate more secure.

How do I safely create a trust for family members?
The safest way to draft up a trust is to have a licensed and experienced attorney in your state do it for you.

Can I create a trust for friends or significant others?
Yes. Have an attorney know which friends or significant others you want included in your trust.

Can a court order me to create a trust for someone?
Yes. Speak with an attorney to find out if you will be ordered to create a trust given the facts in your case.

Can I make one or more charities the beneficiaries of my trust?
Yes. Have an attorney clearly understand which charities you would like included in your trust.

Can I create a trust for animals or my pets?
There are legal differences between creating a charitable trust for animals and an honorary trust for pets. Talk to an attorney in your state to discuss whether one or both are recognized.